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Welcome To Armenia

Your Journey of self Discovery on the wings of the Tatev aerial tramway

On October 16,2010, the world’s longest reversible passenger aerial tramway started operating in Tatev,in the south of Armenia.
What was initially intended to be a marvelous aerial transportation means to revive the Tatev monastic complex and make it accessible all year long,turned out to be a world record breaking structure.The aerial tramway will enable.

The Tatev Revivel Project is managed by the National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia, a public-private partnership organization aimed to achieve breakthrough development toward competitiveness in key areas of Armenian economic activity.
The Tatev Revival Project was born when one of its future benefactors suggested an innovative and ambitious solution to address the problem of accessibility which would also contribute to the economic development of the region and provide exciting new opportunities in the surrounding communities-building the world’s longest aerial tramway. With only three towers to connect the 5.7 km long aerial distance between the Halidzor and Tatev villages,the experts of the Swiss Garaventa company,came to Armenia and began constructing the aerial tramway in the fall of 2009. Garaventa is world leader in the accessiblility industry that has been building award-winning aerial tramways around the world for over 30 years.

Even through the Tatev monastery stands in the heart of the Tatev Revivel Project, without the companionship of the tramway, the monastery would still be left neglected by visitors in the winter. Not only will aerial tramway become an aerial link between the Halidzor and Tatev, villages and make the Tatev monastery more accessible, but it will also become a new attraction to draw tourists to the region. It is estimated that with the help of the tramway the number of tourists’ annual visiting the region will significantly increase.
The Tatev Aerial Tramway offers a fantastic journey worth breathtaking views across the spectacular Voratan River George with its deepest drop at 360 meters above ground. The aerial tramway belongs to the reversible category. This means that two cabins (each with the capacity to hold 25 people) will operate at once, traveling in opposite directions. At top speed, the tramway will travel at 37 km per hour and reach the Tatev station in approximately 11 minutes.
Even though the “flight” alone is a memory worth cherishing a lifetime, a few meters below the Tatev station, the magnificent 9th century Tatev monastic complex awaits the visitors. Perched majestically above the Vorotan river Gorge, the Tatev monastic complex holds a legacy of survivel and enlightenment. During the Middle Ages, Tatev was one of Armenian’s most important spiritual centers. It also had great academic and political significance. It housed Tatev University, whose legacy lives on today through a wealth of preserved manuscripts, and was the political stronghold of Syunik Principality.

The Competitiveness Foundation’s Tatev Revivel Project is designed to revitalize Tatev monastery and its surrounding region, highlighting its religious, academic and cultural legacy , and making it a world-class destination. The project consists of several components: restoring the monastery, reviving its monastic and scholarly tradition, and developing tourism attractions and infrastructure in the adjacent communities.


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